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First Choice Primary Care was established in 2007. First Choice Primary Care Inc. is a non-profit community health center operating in Macon and Warner Robins. As a community health center, we provide quality care to insured, uninsured, and underserved individuals. We also help you learn more about how to stay healthy, manage any chronic problems, and improve your overall medical status. Dr.Timothy Graves leads a team of doctors and nurse practitioners dedicated to providing quality healthcare to our patients.

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First Choice Primary Care is goverened by a board of directors representing the local community. Current board members include: Camille Hope, Jonathan Alderman, Dr. David Parish, Linda Holland, Dr. Steve Corkery, Rosalind McMillan, Dr. Thomas Duval, Chief Marvin Riggins, Mable Wheeler, Frankie Lewis, and Elbert McQueen.

First Choice Primary Care collaborates with other community agencies and organizations to identify and address the healt needs of all of our patients, and support initiatives in housing, education, community developement and public health that contrubute to the wellbeing of the citizens fo Macon-Bibb and Houston counties. 

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