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Unable to connect with the doctor because of a technical issue? Our staff is here to help you troubleshoot the potential issue. Call our office if you have any issues, otherwise, send us a message through the Patient Portal. 


Device Instructions:



1. Use the native SAFARI browser (NOT IN PRIVATE MODE) to avoid technical issues.

2. Close all other apps on your phone. 

3. Make sure you are not actively using the camera or microphone for another app such as Skype or Facetime. 

4. Make sure you are not in private mode. See info here. 

5. Make sure you are not in "zoom" mode. See info here. 

4. "Allow" the use of camera and microphone by your device. See steps here. 

Checking in using iPhone/iPad

Android Device/Tablet

1. Use the Chrome Browser (NOT IN PRIVATE MODE) to avoid technical issues. Chrome icon looks like a Green, Red and Yellow circle.  

2. Close all other apps on your phone. 

3. Make sure you are not actively using the camera or microphone for another app such as Skype or Google Duo

Checking in using Android Device

Laptop or desktop (make sure you have a camera and microphone)

1. Restart your computer before a call.  

2. Make sure you have a microphone and camera and "allow" them both within a Chrome browser.Click here for instructions on allowing camera use for your browser.

3. Use headphones if possible to reduce feedback/noise.

4. Only use a Chrome web browser. Here is a video for how to use Chrome to connect. Your provider will be sending you their "Waiting Room" link via Text Message, email or phone before your visit begins.

 Checking in using Chrome Browser


In order to keep you safe at home during the COVID-19 Global Pandeminc, we are offering Televisits. A Televisit is a video call with your provider on your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Please note there are some requirements for proper set up. Sometimes a televisit is not appropriate for certain medical conditions and and in-person office visit may be required. We will let you know. Please review the information below to see if any apply to you and to help you be prepared. You will get a call on the day of your appointment to obtain necessary information. 


If you would like to schedule a Televisit with your provider please call our office at 478-787-4266 or send us a appointment request via the Patient Portal.

Schedule your Televisit


There is NO APP needed. use any smartphone, tablet, or computer/laptop (with camera and microphone). 


Our Mission

The mission of First Choice Primary Care is to improve the health of the medically underserved in Middle Georgia. 


Our Vision

A high quality, affordable medical home for every Middle Georgian.


Effective July 6, 2020,
In addition to doing a COVID-19 screening and temperature check before entering the building, all patients will be required to wear a mask. For those opposed to wearing a mask, we will offer a Telehealth visit from the convenience of your vehicle.

First Choice pharmacy customers are encourage to use our curbside delivery. Free home delivery of most prescriptions is coming soon.




First Choice Primary Care is working hard to to protect our patients and staff during the COVID-19 outbreak. We continue to work together with other health systems in central Georgia to monitor the coronavirus pandemic. 

As we begin to move away from the restrictions that COVID-19 has brought upon us, we are taking certain measures to ensure we are providing our patients, providers, and staff the safest environment possible.



In order to keep you safe at home or if you are experiencing symptoms of a respiratory infection, fever, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, we will ask you to complete your visit through telehealth. Our staff will be happy to assist you in this process. It is very easy and you can connect directly with your provider. 


Social Distancing

To prevent the spread of disease we will ensure everyone maintains 6-feet between each other at all times. In some cases, we may have patients wait in their car until being called in for their appointment.

Fever Checking and  COVID-19 Screening Questionaire

All staff and patients will have their temperature checked  and will complete a screening questionnaire as their enter our facilities. Anyone with a temperature above the threshhold set by management will have to wait in their car until checking with a provider on next steps. We also are asking more questions to anyone scheduling a preventative measure to ensure patient safety. 

Wearing Masks at All Times

Our staff will wear masks at all times and we are asking all patients to wear face coverings inside the building. If you have a medical mask, homemade cloth mask, hankerchie, or scarf at home, please bring it with you. 


We will continue to champion virtual Televisits for any condition and/or syptoms that do not require in in-person exam. YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN TELEHEALTH VISITS IF YOU HAVE PATIENT PORTAL ACCESS AND/OR HAVE A SMART PHONE WITH A CAMERA. To learn more about Televisits click here



Source: CDC

For up to date information:


As a patient of First Choice Primary Care (FCPC), we encourage you to speak openly with your health care provider, take part in your treatment choices, and promote your own safety by being well informed and involved in our care. Because we want you to think of yourself as a partner in your care, we want you to know your rights as well as your responsibilities as a patient of FCPC. We invite you and your family to join us as an active member of your care team.


Your Rights

  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to receive considerate, respectful and compassionate care in a safe setting regardless of your age, gender identity, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, health status or ability to pay.
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be treated with respect by First Choice Primary Care.
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to information contained in your medical record. You also have the right to participate in decisions involving your health care.
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to personal privacy. Any discussion, consultation, examination and/or treatment regarding your care will be done discreetly.
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to confidentiality of your medical record and/or other information related to your medical condition.
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be seen in a safe and clean environment.
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to receive care in a timely and professional manner within available resources from a provider with whom you are comfortable.
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to have special needs met, such as an interpreter to help with communication.
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to appoint a person to make health care decisions on your behalf in the event you lose the ability to do so.
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to make advance directives regarding your medical care and have them honored. If you do not have an advance directive, we can provide you with information and help you complete one.
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to file a complaint about your care without fear of penalty, to have your complaint reviewed and when possible, resolved.
  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be informed and asked whether you wish to participate in medical research that is being conducted by First Choice Primary Care.

  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be informed about the sliding-fee scale discount problem and allowed to participate if eligible.

Your Responsibilities

  • YOU ARE EXPECTED to provide, to the best of your knowledge, complete information about your symptoms, past illnesses, medications and other matters relating to your plan of care.
  • YOU ARE EXPECTED to schedule and keep appointments or call to cancel/reschedule your appointment if you cannot make it with at least as 24-hour notice.
  • YOU ARE EXPECTED to notify us of any changes in address, emergency contacts or insurance coverage (provide a current copy of your insurance card.)
  • YOU ARE EXPECTED to ask questions when you do not understand explanations about your healthcare or services.
  • YOU ARE EXPECTED to follow the plan of care or to express concern regarding your ability to comply.
  • YOU ARE EXPECTED to be responsible for your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow your medical provider's instructions.
  • YOU ARE EXPECTED to be courteous and considerate to other patients and First Choice Primary Care personnel.


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